Top Five Harmless Snakes You Can Keep As Pets

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Snakes are indeed reptiles you definitely do not want to be friends with. This is due to the undeniable fact about the danger of being bitten by a deadly venomous snake. Though some snakes are indeed deadly and bites from them are highly fatal; there are some that are totally harmless. has compiled a list of top ten harmless snakes you can keep as pets. Enjoy!

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1. California Kingsnake: California kingsnakes (Lampropeltis getula californiae) are considered kings because of their capability to kill and eat rattlesnakes and other snakes. In the wild, these snakes are known to eat other animals including venomous snakes, small rodents, lizards, birds, and even bird eggs. They are considered harmless to humans, but if handled it is common for this species to bite, as well as excrete musk and fecal contents from their cloaca, howver when disturbed, they often coil their bodies to hide their heads, hiss, and rattle their tails, which can produce a sound somewhat resembling that of a rattlesnake.

California King Snake

2. Ball Pythons: (Python regius) are known to curl like a ball; hence the name “ball python” Ball pythons are known to be wonderful pets as they can be easily handled. They are not known to be aggresive and bites from them are extremely rare. Ball Pythons can live for 30 years and the oldest one recorded was 48 years old when it died, so deciding to get a ball python really is a life long commitment!

Ball Python

3. Rosy Boa: The rosy boa (Lichanura trivirgata), this snake doesnt get too large growing to about 4 feet in length when fully grown, though average sizes are 2 to 3 feet in length. These snakes are reputed to be able to live for up to 25 years plus. Definitely a commitment!

Rosy Boa

4. Corn Snake: Before the ball python captured the imagination of snake lovers, the corn snake (Pantherophis guttata) was the most popular pet snake available. They are fairly docile, easy to handle and care for, Corn snakes are still one of the most popular pet snakes because of their demeanor, availability, and their color combinations. They are not known to grow big, so a big enclosure might not be needed.

Corn Snake

5. Milk Snake: This non-venomous snake looks very similar to the poisonous Coral Snake because of the dark and light patches on its body. The light stripes may be red, yellow or orange making it a very distinct looking snake. These snakes are found in North and Central America in mountainous regions and eat earthworms, insects, and slugs. It is a very remarkable snake.

Milk Snake

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