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Detailed Biography of Dr Pastor Paul Enenche

Who is Paul Enenche?

Paul Enenche is a Benue state born medical doctor who judiciously practised medicine as a medical doctor before he was called into evangelical ministry along with his wife who is a medical doctor too; with a mandate to restore people back to God and help people fulfill destiny. looks into the word “DUNAMIS” which is the Greek word for Power and that stands as the name of the church he established back in 1996.

Early Background

Paul Enenche was born on June 4th 1968 in Benue state Nigeria. Paul Enenche is 52 years old. Benue state is located in the north central part of the country. He is from Benue state and of the Idoma tribe. Not much is known about his early background; However his mother had a revelation of Jesus in the year 1958, instructing her to serve God wholeheartedly which she did diligently. Paul Enenche recalls that his mother tried to raise him up along with his siblings in the way of the Lord ensuring they woke up on time for a family morning devotion. That devout upbringing had an impact in his life which remained till he became famous.

Encounter with Jesus

Paul Enenche was raised up as a Methodist; but when he enrolled in the University of Jos, he was actively involved with the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship. Paul Enenche salvation experience is unique as he noted that he repented after series of inward convictions and questions about his eternity gripped him. He started really following the Lord hard while on campus with the Deeper Life Bible church, being the church he continued with.

Medicine and Ministry

Paul Enenche has always been known to be a man with an unquenchable, unquestionable passion for God. As a medical student, Paul Enenche notes that whenever he hears of a patient’s death, he becomes miserable with thoughts about how he could have helped the patient to survive if he could. Hence, evangelizing to patients while on ward rounds was something he always did; praying for the sick and preaching to them while doing his job as a medical doctor; with numerous miracles attributed to those encounters.

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Finding Love and Marriage

Indeed whoever finds a good woman has found someone of great value. Paul Enenche met his wife Becky Enenche on campus while still zealous for God with Becky more like a spiritual daughter. They both fell in love and as the Lord willed, they got married in 1994. Becky Enenche herself is a medical doctor whose parents were medical professors. Paul and Becky Enenche are happily married with four children. Becky Enenche has been very supportive of her husband with many drawing inspiration from their exemplary blissful marriage.

Establishing Dunamis International Gospel Centre

The Dunamis church was established first in 1996, which means it is more than twenty years old.

Two years after Paul married Becky, The church started meeting in a hall before Land was acquired where the first headquarters was sited in. Currently, the church has moved from the former headquarters to its current headquarters along Airport road Abuja. The Glory Dome as it is called is capable of sitting 100,000 worshippers with multiple services every Sunday. The Glory Dome dedication in 2018 was very massive with many dignitaries in attendance including the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osinbajo.

Teachings and Doctrine

Paul Enenche’s teachings are focused on Christian Living, Character, Lifestyle and Living a life full of God’s power to fulfill destiny and impact lives. Paul Enenche is a preacher who doesn’t shy away from preaching holiness and righteousness; thanks to the background he had in the Deeper Life Bible Church founded by Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi. Paul Enenche is known to also preach prosperity and faith thanks to the influences he had under Bishop David Oyedepo founder Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel. Miracles in their hundreds and thousands are known to be a constant occurrence at Dunamis Church.

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Greatest Influences To His Ministry

David Oyedepo is the spiritual father of Paul Enenche and Paul Enenche attributes his spiritual and fatherly guidance to him
Williams Folorunsho Kumuyi
Kenneth Copeland
Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Impact to the Nigerian Society and Beyond

The Dunamis church are known to give out scholarships to widows who have children as students. These accumulate to millions of Naira. Dunamis church occasionally donate relief materials to victims of natural disaster or terrorism. The Dunamis Church is also responsible for the direct and indirect employment of thousands of people.
Their Annual International Ministers Conference are attended by ministers from around the world numbering up to 50 nations. The ministry has been involved in community projects; for example, the construction of a road in Kubwa area of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

In March 2020, following the outbreak of the coronavirus in nigeria, Paul Enenche’s ministry supported the fight against the covid-19 virus with 2 billion naira worth of medical equipments.

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Very nice work. I thank God for Pastor Paul Enenche. It is my prayer the grace of God will continue to be upon him and his wife.