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Carlos Viteri was identified as the man in a viral video of a woman yelling in an airport. In a famous and viral TikTok video, a woman rants at her partner while crying in an airport.

@artlifesoul tweeted the TikTok on Saturday, and it shows a woman berating and cursing at her partner for not assisting her.

In the video, she calls him a “sad son of a bi*ch” and claims that if she cries loudly enough, someone will come and separate them. Furthermore, the lady in the video indicates her contempt for him.

The video with the hashtag #karensoftiktok had over 7 million views on Tuesday.

The TikToker tagged Carlos Viteri (@carlosviteri12) in a follow-up video and identified him as the boyfriend in the video, “Carlos.”

Boyfriend Of The Airport “Karen”

Viteri also used TikToks to illustrate the significance of @artlifesoul’s hit video. He claims he is no longer with her, and the video shows them preparing for their (now-cancelled) trip to Ecuador in January.

According to the TikToker who shared the video, they were on the same plane.

Furthermore, Viteri claims that his ex-girlfriend has a history of drug addiction and was inebriated in the airport as the two were going through immigration, despite the fact that she doesn’t speak Spanish.

He goes on to say that her racist behavior continued after @artlifesoul’s video ended. He said that his ex-girlfriend collapsed in a hotel and had a brain injury, forcing the couple to depart.

Carlos Viteri #karensoftiktok

Carlos Viteri is the man who was filmed being abused by his fiancée in a video that went viral on Reddit, TikTok, and other social media platforms, as previously reported.

Carlos, on the other hand, confesses that he and his ex-girlfriend had nowhere to stay and that he had to find them a new hotel. According to him, the two returned from Ecuador the next day.

Viteri alleges that once they arrived in College Station, Texas, where he claims to attend school, his ex-girlfriend threatened to kill herself if he broke up with her. He, on the other hand, ended his connection.

The New Girlfriend of Carlos Viteri

Many people assumed that the woman in Viteri’s subsequent flicks was his new lover.

According to reports, Viteri stated on TikTok that the woman in the video is his best friend and that he wanted her to be present when he told what happened with his ex-girlfriend because talking about it was emotionally tiring.

Commenters on @artlifesoul’s viral videos, as well as all of Viteri’s videos, expressed sympathy for him, with some even believing that his ex had hurt him.

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