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David Bonola Facebook

David Bonola Facebook – David Bonola, the alleged murderer of Orsolya Gaal is on Facebook. His facebook name is “David Bonola” It appears he is not active on Facebook, but he has his picture on his profile. This is his Facebook handle

Who is David Bonola?

David Bonola aged 44, is the principal suspect of the murder of Orsolya Gaal; a middle aged woman who had an affair with him in the past.

Bonola is a father of two who is married. According to insiders, his estranged wife and children also live in Queens. Cops were called on him many times, according to workers at an Austin coffee shop where he frequented, for his aggressive approaches toward women.

Investigators first pursued Bonola in connection with the murder. He was said to have a spare key to the house. Bonola returned to the precinct voluntarily, where he provided incriminating comments.

Bolona allegedly broke into Gaal’s home on Saturday, April 16, but it’s unclear whether he was let in or if he used a key he knew was lying in a barbeque outside. Bolola pulled a kitchen knife and stabbed Gaal roughly 60 times after the two allegedly had a “domestic nature” argument.

The knife found by authorities on the scene was similar to other knives found in the house. Bonola then disposed of Gaal’s body by placing it in a duffel bag that belonged to her son.

He was later caught on video rolling the bag down the sidewalk. Bonola is believed to have fled through Forest Park, according to police. Along with a pair of boots, a t-shirt, and bloody bandages, the jacket he was wearing at the time of the crime was later discovered.

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