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David Holz is an American entrepreneur, innovator, and thinker best known as the founder and CEO of Midjourney, the groundbreaking AI image generation app that has taken the world by storm. With roots in 3D modeling and a career that spans startups, academia, and applied research, Holz’s unorthodox approach to technology has shaped the future of imagination and creativity.

Full NameDavid Holz
BornSouth Florida, Fort Lauderdale
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Midjourney
EducationDual degree in Math and Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
WifeNot married
First StartupLeap Motion
Notable ProjectsMidjourney, Leap Motion
PhilosophyHumanism, Reflection, Imagination, Coordination
Famous ForDeveloping AI-powered imagination tools
Estimated Net WorthNot publicly disclosed
Social ImpactExpanding the imaginative powers of the human species


Leap Motion

David Holz’s career began with his early interest in 3D modeling, leading to the creation of Leap Motion. Despite being ahead of its time and facing challenges with compatibility and market timing, Leap Motion laid the groundwork for Holz’s ongoing exploration of human-computer interfaces and virtual reality.


Post Leap Motion, Holz conceptualized Midjourney, reflecting on the needs of the uncertain future. With a focus on imagination, reflection, and coordination, Midjourney became a runaway success, enabling millions of users to explore creativity and imagination without professional artistic skills. Built on Discord and propelled by word of mouth, Midjourney continues to push the boundaries of AI technology.

Personal Life

Holz grew up in South Florida, surrounded by a community of elderly neighbors, and a father who was a traveling dentist. His early exposure to computers, coding, and hacking games shaped his interest in technology. A humanist at heart, Holz’s approach to technology is guided by empathy, curiosity, and a desire to enhance human potential.


Holz pursued a dual degree in math and physics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Drawn to applied math as a middle ground, he embarked on a PhD while juggling projects at NASA Langley and the Max Planck Institute. The desire to focus on something he truly cared about led him to drop his PhD pursuits and launch his first startup, Leap Motion.

Estimated Net Worth

David Holz’s estimated net worth is not publicly disclosed. His financial success is intertwined with his technological achievements and contributions to the tech industry, especially with the creation of Midjourney, which has attracted millions of users worldwide.


David Holz’s story is a testament to the power of thinking differently and pursuing one’s passion. From hacking games to revolutionizing the way we think about imagination, his journey is filled with innovation, challenges, and triumphs. His work with Midjourney is a beacon for future technological advancements, nurturing creativity, and fostering a deeper connection between humanity and technology. Whether it’s through a simple boat symbol or the empowering tool that Midjourney has become, Holz’s legacy continues to be an inspiring voyage of discovery and human potential.

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