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Greg Secker, a name synonymous with success in the trading world, is not just a master trader but also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and internationally renowned speaker. Having become a multi-millionaire in his twenties, he founded Learn to Trade, the world’s leading trader coaching company.

Early Career

Greg Secker embarked on his journey into the financial world at Thomas Cook Financial Services. Not content with the ordinary, he transitioned into the foreign exchange business, leading the revolutionary Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), the first online real-time Forex trading platform.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Secker’s acumen quickly caught the eye of Mellon Financial Corporation, a Fortune 500 investment powerhouse in the U.S., landing him the prestigious role of Vice President. Here, he gleaned invaluable trading strategies from the world’s elite traders.

Founding Learn to Trade

Armed with these strategies, he established a trading floor from his home, leading to the creation of Learn to Trade just three months later. The company earned recognition, including the ‘Best Educator’ by World Finance Magazine, ‘Best Forex Educator’ award in the Global Banking & Finance Review, and numerous other accolades.

Innovations and Achievements

Greg’s desire to innovate didn’t stop with Learn to Trade. He created SmartCharts, a groundbreaking trading platform designed with precision and real-time data. His company also earned a finalist spot in the London Excellence Awards and claimed the 49th position in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Award.


More than a celebrated trader, Greg is a dedicated philanthropist. His Greg Secker Foundation is committed to rebuilding a community in Lemery, the Philippines, devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. The foundation’s efforts reflect Greg’s unwavering commitment to social welfare and community building.


From the creation of the first online real-time Forex trading platform to serving as a VP at a Fortune 500 investment bank, Greg Secker’s career trajectory has been nothing short of inspiring. His passion for education birthed Learn to Trade, equipping over 400,000 individuals worldwide with trading skills.

Known for his rapid business growth, trading mastery, and philanthropy, Greg continues to push boundaries. He has redefined what it means to be successful in the trading world, exemplifying a true trailblazer.

Fuelled by his ambition to make trading more accessible and driven by a desire to innovate, Greg’s net worth of $3 million is a testament to his hard work, vision, and dedication. His life story stands as an inspiration to aspiring traders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists alike, a beacon of resilience, innovation, and the transformative power of philanthropy.

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