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Jonathan Toebbe Religion

Jonathan Toebbe Religion Jonathan Toebbe’s religion is not really clear yet. However, he bears a Christian name which could suggest he was raised a Christian. However, Jonathan Toebbe’s exact religion is not known.

Jonathan Toebbe Religion, Rank, Wikipedia

Jonathan Toebbe Rank

Jonathan Toebbe Rank – Jonathan Toebbe’s rank in the US Navy is Lieutenant. He became a¬†lieutenant¬†in 2016 and left active duty in 2017.

Jonathan Toebbe Wikipedia

Jonathan Toebbe Wikipedia – Jonathan and Diana Toebbe, a husband and wife, are accused of stealing nuclear-powered submarine technology to sell to a foreign power and are facing espionage charges. Jonathan Toebbe works for the US Navy as a nuclear engineer, and his wife is a teacher at a private school in Maryland. On October 9, 2021, they were charged with violating the Atomic Energy Act, according to federal prosecutors.

Jonathan Toebbe Religion, Rank, Wikipedia

According to prosecutors, the Toebbes believed they were speaking with a representative of an unknown foreign country when they were actually speaking with an undercover FBI agent.

In April 2020, Jonathan Toebbe attempted to establish a covert relationship with a foreign government in order to sell the restricted material, but the country reported the contact to the FBI, according to federal authorities. According to the criminal complaint, the Toebbes received a $10,000 payment in bitcoin from the undercover agent as part of the investigation and made repeated “dead drops” to hand over top-secret data linked to nuclear-powered warships.

Jonathan Toebbe, 42, and Diana Toebbe, 45, of Annapolis, Maryland, were apprehended in West Virginia on October 9 and are being held in custody until their initial hearing in federal court on October 12. According to federal authorities, the charges they face entail a possible punishment of life in prison or execution. It was unclear whether Jonathan and Diana Toebbe have retained an attorney to speak on their behalf.

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