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KTS Dre Gang Affiliation Londre Sylvester Facts



Londre Sylvester, also known by his stage as KTS Dre or Kutthroat Dreko, is a Chicago-based rapper. He was killed following 64 gunshots aimed at him just as he was released from prison.

KTS Dre Facts

  • He was born in 1990 and is 31 as at 2021.
  • He was a new rapper who didn’t have a lot of name recognition. Despite this, some people were followers of his because of the incredible lyrics he wrote.
  • Despite his talent as a rapper, he was also involved in various federal cases that resulted in multiple charges.
  • He was, in fact, in prison, and his fiance promptly got him out. He was fatally shot by two men at the time.
  • Londre and his life have become a sudden source of public interest following the announcement of his death and several heated disputes.
  • Londre Sylvester, nicknamed KTS Dre, was a Chicago rapper who died of natural causes lately.
  • He was making progress in his life by pursuing music as a career, despite the fact that he didn’t have many songs or raps out yet.
  • He was a convicted felon who was involved in weapon handling cases and made false statements to a federal agent in addition to being a rapper.
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KTS Dre Gang Affliation?

After KTS Dre’s death, this is a frequently asked subject, however there is no evidence that he was a member of any gang.

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However, it appears that people are wary of this situation. Indian Red Boy, a fellow rapper and KTS’s acquaintance, was assassinated in a similar manner just a week ago.

He was shot while live-streaming a video on Instagram. Rey was shot 12 times in the head by a man who was reportedly accompanying a gang member at the time.

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Because they were both rappers, knew each other, and were slain in similar ways, there’s a probability KTS was involved in a gang.

KTS was shot just outside the county jail after being bailed and freed, according to reports.

According to sources, he was in the company of two other persons when he was released from prison. When a car approached him, two men opened fire with dozens of rounds.

KTS was slain together with two other people, and an autopsy revealed that his body had 64 bullet wounds.

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