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Lily Cade Wiki/Biography

Lily Cade Wiki – Lily Cade was born in the United States on January 25, 1985, in Los Angeles. Prison Lesbians and MORE are two of the adult film actress’s most well-known roles.

NameLily Cade
Date of BirthJanuary 25, 1985
Age36 years (2021)
EducationThe California Institute of Technology
USC Film School

She stands 5’6′′ tall.

Lily Cade Education

Lily Cade Education – She worked as a dominatrix while studying The California Institute of Technology for two years and graduating from USC Film School. She briefly resided on a farm in Kentucky and worked as a dominatrix.

Lily Cade Husband/Partner

Lily Cade Husband/Partner – Cade is said to have met her husband, Sten Cade, in college, and the two married in September 2008.

Lily Cade Career

Lily Cade Career – In an uncategorised post on her website titled ‘About That BBC Piece,’ Lily Cade has since spoken about the BBC article.

Cade confirms that she was asked about a historical event she witnessed, and that this was her only input to the paper.

The actress also claimed that she feels the journalist was motivated by a desire to bring attention to this debate and the implications it has on how people treat one another.

She also refers to herself as the “Cotton Ceiling” at the time of the encounter, a term used to describe the barrier some trans women perceive they confront when pursuing relationships or sex.

Lily goes on to describe her experience with the trans community, which she claims has been bullying lesbian women for years.

Lily concludes her reaction with the following statement before doubting America’s bravery:

“I don’t deserve sympathy.” I make no request for forgiveness. I have no sympathy for anyone, and I have no sympathy for any of you.”

Lesbians were questioned for a recent BBC article by writer Caroline Lowbridge about their experiences with the push to accept transsexual women as partners.

The piece asks whether a lesbian is transphobic if she refuses to have sexual relations with transgender women, as well as interacting with trans people who are concerned about the topic.

Lily Cade, an adult content star who has worked in the industry for ten years and has only ever had intercourse with other women, was interviewed by Lowbridge.

Lily had previously been invited to film a scene with Drew DeVeaux, a transgender pornography actress, and had initially consented after seeing images of her.

The video creator, however, is said to have pulled out after learning she was a transgender woman online.

Following her appearance in the piece, an internet controversy has erupted, with Twitter users alleging her involvement in sexual assault allegations.

@christapeterso posted a series of screenshots referencing the alleged charges.

Screenshots from Lily Cade’s website were also shared on Twitter, exposing terrible statements about the trans community that Cade had said.

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