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Minttu Vesala, a remarkable figure in the modeling world, is a non-binary model, social media influencer, creator, stylist, and entrepreneur hailing from Finland. Famous for working with the high-end fashion brand Balenciaga, Minttu’s talent doesn’t end there. They have also made a name for themselves as an actor with significant roles in films like “W” (2022) and “Baby Jane” (2019). With a career spanning various aspects of the entertainment and fashion industries, Minttu is an embodiment of creativity and style. They are managed by the renowned Tomorrow Is Another Day modelling agency.

NameMinttu Vesala
Date of Birth21 October 1972
ProfessionModel, stylist, entrepreneur, costume designer
Estimated Net Worth$1.5 million

Early Life and Background

Born on 21 October 1972 in Finland, Minttu was raised in a family steeped in creativity. Their father, Edward Vesala, was a well-known Finnish jazz drummer, and they have a talented singer sister named Mari. Identifying as non-binary, Minttu uses pronouns The, Them, and They, as indicated in their Instagram bio.


Minttu Vesala’s career is a rich tapestry of fashion, design, and media. They began as a freelance model, quickly making a name for themselves. Minttu’s role as a costume designer for music videos like “Fork: X-Live” and “Polar Night Magic” showcased their artistic flair.

Becoming a stylist and head of sales and marketing for Finnish brands ytale and Nomen Nescio, Minttu rose to fame by modeling for Balenciaga. Discovered at 48, they walked for Balenciaga’s 2020 collection and became the brand’s muse.

In addition to modeling, Minttu has acted in films like “Aamu-TV” and “Simo Times Three.” They’re renowned for the role of Leva in “Baby Jane” (2019).


Details regarding Minttu’s educational background are not publicly available, reflecting their preference for privacy in certain aspects of life.

Personal Life

Living in Helsinki, Finland, Minttu keeps a private Instagram account and enjoys a following of over 38.2 thousand fans. They continue to influence and inspire in the fields of fashion, acting, and entrepreneurship.

Estimated Net Worth

With diverse career roles, including modeling, costume design, creation, and styling, Minttu Vesala’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $1.5 million. Their association with brands like Balenciaga has undoubtedly contributed to their financial success.


Minttu Vesala is a luminary in modern fashion and entertainment. With their non-binary identity, exquisite modeling skills, and multi-talented artistic pursuits, they are a unique and inspiring figure. Whether gracing the runway, acting on screen, or designing costumes, Minttu’s flair for creativity is unmistakable. Their journey from a freelance model to a globally recognized brand endorser exemplifies hard work, resilience, and originality. Managed by Tomorrow Is Another Day modelling agency, Minttu’s influence is set to continue to grow, inspiring many more in the fields they touch.

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