Singapore Releases Robotic Dog To Enforce Social Distancing (Photos)

Singapore impresses again with an innovative idea and invention that is set to revolutionize the response of government to fighting the coronavirus.

robot dog in singapore

The four-legged robot will be patrolling Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore to remind people of safe distancing measures starting from Friday (May 8) The government announced it would start deploying the yellow and black canine robot named Spot. This impressive robotic dog was made by BostonDynamics’ will patrol the local areas spreading a pre-recorded message to visitors to remind them of the importance of social distancing.

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robotic dog spot

The robotic dog is also fitted with cameras enabled by GovTech-developed video analytics, that will be used to roughly estimate the number of visitors to the park.

Singapore’s National Parks Board (NParks) says it will respect the privacy of people as it won’t collect personal data or use the video to identify the individuals spotted by the cameras.

singapore robotic dog

Spot will be remotely controlled, but it is known to have built-in sensors to stop possible collisions. The dog will also be accompanied by a guide. As at now, it is still on the trial stage and if the trial is successful, NParks says the robot could be quickly deployed full-time during peak hours in the park when there is an influx of people.

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spot the robotic dog

GovTech has also enhanced Spot with various functions such as remote control, 3D-mapping and semi-autonomous operations to facilitate the trial.

Singapore has suffered an alarming spike in Coronavirus cases in recent times though they were praised initially for their handling of the virus spread well.

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