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Pastor Adefarasin Advises Members To Plan Escape From Nigeria

by Jay

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Advises His Church Members To Plan Their Exit Route Out Of The Country Due To Insecurity

Due to the high level of insecurity in the country, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock Church Lagos, has advised his church members to prepare a plan B by mapping out their escape route out of the country.

He gave the advice on May 9 after speaking extensively about the condition of the nation.

Pastor Adefarasin, who urged all leaders to avoid partisanship at this time, stated:

“In the history of the world, no nation has ever survived two civil wars.” If this does not end soon, you may be terrified and fleeing for your life. My personal message to all politicians and government officials is that now is not the time to be partisan; instead, we must work together across the aisles. It’s time to sit down and have a conversation.”

Since his wife is currently in Nigeria helping to establish their own plan B, the clergyman also advised his church members to have one.

He said,

“Greetings from Pastor Ifeanyi, who is busy looking after our world’s frontier and planning our escape route.” If you don’t have a backup plan, I know you have confidence, so I do as well, but I have a backup plan.

I can talk to you from anywhere in the world thanks to technology.

Make a backup plan. Whether it’s an Okada to Cameroon, a flying boat or speed boat to Seme Border, or a hole in the ground, have a backup plan because these people are insane. They munched on nutters. Every single one of them. And keep an eye out for warning signs, because something like this might happen. Please, God, don’t let this happen!”

Below is a video of him speaking.

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