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In the Orsolya Gaal murder probe, detectives have discovered a ‘person of interest’ and a possible suspect. The arrested suspect is said to have sent several “deadly” text messages to Ms Gaal’s husband Howard Klein, who was out of state with the couple’s eldest son.

Orsolya Gaal, The Queens mother of two was stabbed 58 times in her home’s basement before her assailant stuffed her body into a duffel bag and dumped it in a neighboring park early Saturday morning.

A trail of blood from the bag led police to an exclusive gated enclave in Forest Hills, about half a mile away.

Several news agencies stated that the NYPD had identified a male known to Ms Gaal and who had access to her Juno St house as a ‘person of interest,’ citing anonymous police sources.

As of Tuesday morning, an NYPD official told The Independent that the inquiry is still ongoing.

Ms Gaal’s husband Howard Klein and eldest son Jamie, 17, were both out of state when she was murdered. Her youngest son was apparently there at the family home and has been ruled out as a suspect.

In Queens, there was a gruesome murder. In the basement of her $2 million home, Orsolya Gaal was stabbed over 60 times.
The killer placed her body in a duffel bag and moved it 800 meters to a park. Cops followed the trail of blood back to her family’s home.

Leo, a 13-year-old boy, was detained and eventually released. Howard Klein, the Orsolya Gaal’s husband, and their eldest son Jamie, 17, were both out of town.

Police have identified a ‘person of interest’ in the murder of Orsolya Gaal. According to sources, NYPD police have identified a ‘person of interest’ in the Orsolya Gaal murder investigation.

Ms Gaal, 51, was stabbed 58 times in the neck, torso, and arm before her body was dumped half a mile from her Forest Hills home in a park early Saturday morning.

At around 4.30 a.m., surveillance cameras caught the man lugging a huge duffel bag containing Ms Gaal’s body.

Police had identified a guy who was known to Ms Gaal and had access to the family home as a person of interest in the investigation, according to many news sites.

Ms Gaal’s husband Howard Klein, who was out of state with the couple’s eldest son, is thought to have received multiple scary text messages from the suspect.

At the time of the killing, Ms Gaal’s younger son, 13, was on the top floor of the three-story house. He was arrested and questioned by police before being released.

Ms Gaal’s death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner’s office owing to “sharp force injuries of the neck.”

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