“Praise be to God,” El-Rufai’s son, Reacts To 22-Year Old Kano Singer Sentenced to death for blasphemy

Nigerians are not having it funny with Bashir El-Rufai the son of Kaduna state Governor who recently “praised God” for the death sentence that was brutally meted on a 22-year old Singer who sang against Mohammed.

On Twitter, Nigerians unleashed their fury as they wondered why he should praise God on a death sentence that was given to a “heretic”.

Bashir El-Rufai actually wrote “Alhamdulillah” which means Praise God or Thank God. He wrote this wile replying to a tweet by BBC about the sentencing of the 22-year old man.

Following intense criticisms, he said,

“We shall never succumb to your ways of life & your interpretations thereof. In the end, we will all expire & meet the God & finally find out who was correct or mischievous. Good morning. It’s a beautiful day.”

See his tweet below and reactions.

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