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You will be shocked as we reveal to you some factual events/things that will happen in the next second based on facts and reality. Every second in the life of any living thing counts; because anything can happen in a second.

Below are some of the things that will sure happen in the next second;

  1. 10,000 bottles of Coca-Cola are consumed worldwide every second!
  2. 4.3 babies are born with 1.7 of them born into poverty every second!
  3. 100 Lightening strike on the earth every second!
  4. Over 2.4m emails are sent every second!
  5. Bill Gates earns $250 every second!
  6. 4000 stars are born and 1000 others blow up every second!
  7. A bee beats its wings 200 times every second!
  8. 3 million Google searches are performed every second!
  9. 469,445 Facebook Likes happen every second!
  10. The US national debt increases by $50,000 every second!
  11. 41,000 statuses are uploaded on facebook every second!
  12. 900 posts are made on Instagram every second!
  13. Over 2 million liters of rainfall hit the earth surface every second!
  14. 3 Apple Iphones are sold every second!
  15. Over 1500 online transactions every second!
  16. 4,300 photos Are Shared on Messenger every second!
  17. 372 people search for pornography in Google every second!
  18. 1.28 Christian, 0.93 Muslim and 0.64 Hindu babies are born every second!
  19. America dumps 216 pounds of food every second!
  20. 1.8 humans die every second!
  21. 8.3 billion combined heartbeats in the world every second!
  22. 9.4 New websites are created every second!
  23. 3.17 sharks are killed by humans every second!
  24. 486,111 WhatsApp messages are sent in one second!
  25. 122,373 YouTube videos are viewed every second!
  26. 60 lipsticks are produced every second!
  27. 419 KitKat fingers chocolate are consumed every second!
  28. 350 slices of Pizza are eaten every second!
  29. 100,000 chemical reactions take place in a single cell in our body every second!
  30. The universe expands 46 miles every second!

Indeed the world is full of surprises and wonders shall never end!

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