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Gerry Cotten Wikipedia and Netflix

Who is Gerry Cotten? – Gerry Cotten is a Canadian Bitcoin Entrepreneur, Investor and former CEO of Quadriga CX. He recently got into the public spotlight after a documentary by Netflix Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King revealed how he mysteriously “died” after reportedly fleeing with millions of dollars in Bitcoin.

Who is Gerry Cotten?

Where is Gerry Cotton Now?

Where is Gerry Cotton Now? – Gerry Cotton’s whereabout is unknown as there are reports he died in India in December 9, 2018. However, various allegations allege that he faked his own death to flee with bitcoin investors money which was invested into his company Quadriga CX.

What Did Gerry Cotton Do?

What Did Gerry Cotton Do? – Gerry Cotton created Quadriga CX which at a time was one of the largest crypto coin exchange and trading platform in Canada. At a time, in 2017, Quadriga processed nearly $2 billion in trades from 363,000 individual accounts, taking a cut of every transaction. However, following the Bitcoin crash of 2018, bitcoin investors who saved with the platform wanted to withdraw their coins with it’s monetary value but couldn’t and till today thousands of investors lost their coins and it’s monetary value which amounts to more than $200 million.

On December 2018, it months after silence and frustrating it’s company, it was announced the founder and CEO Gerry Cotton had died. It was also alleged only he had access to the passwords to unlock investors’ funds.

When Did Gerry Cotton Found Quadriga CX?

When Did Gerry Cotton Found Quadriga CX? – Cotten and an older business partner, Michael Patryn, a currency trading expert with loves for Brazilian jujitsu and luxury automobiles, founded the Quadriga coin exchange, or QuadrigaCX, in November 2013. (named, for reasons that were not immediately clear, after the horse-drawn chariots of the Roman Empire). Quadriga quickly made a name for itself in a small, inefficient market. The first Bitcoin trading site to possess a money-services company license from FinTRAC, Canada’s anti-money-laundering regulator, it was the cheapest, fastest, and, by all appearances, the safest. Quadriga offered gold by the ounce, which could be dropped off in person, and established a Bitcoin ATM in its office, the second of its kind in Canada.

Gerry Cotton Cause of Death; What Happened To His Body?

Gerry Cotton Cause of Death; What Happened To His Body? – Gerry Cotton allegedly died of “complications from Crohn’s disease,” according to the official cause of death, but the gastroenterologist who treated him told the Globe and Mail that the death still tormented him. He said, “We aren’t sure about the diagnosis.” There was no request for an autopsy.

Gerry Cotton Quadriga CX Scam?

Confusion piled on top of confusion. The body was returned to the Oberoi and then sent out to be embalmed again; because an embalmer would not accept a body from a hotel, Oberoi workers took it to a nearby medical college, where a staffer completed the surgery. Robertson returned to Canada with the body the next afternoon. They had planned to give a dozen teddy bears to the Jennifer Robertson and Gerald Cotten Home for Orphaned Children, but she left them behind.

Cotten died a month before Robertson reported it on Quadriga’s Facebook page. Quadriga continued to take fresh payments throughout this time but did not repay any. Creditors began to inquire online about the authenticity of the formal documents in a country known for the ease with which falsified documents can be purchased, especially after learning that Cotten’s name was misspelled on the death certificate and that the former chairman and managing director of the company that ran the hospital had been convicted of financial fraud just two months prior.

Cotten had written his will just four days before leaving for India, it was also learned. It listed real estate holdings worth C$12 million, as well as the Lexus, Cessna, and Gulliver.

The external hard drives, known as cold wallets, on which Cotten had put the majority of Quadriga’s cash were not mentioned in the will.

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