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On Saturday, July 23, 2022, the seventh season of the reality TV program Big Brother Naija Season 7 debuted.

BBNaija Level UP Housemates 2022; Season 7 Names and Full List

This season’s housemates will battle and compete for the top prize of N100M in presents over the next 72 days, with the theme ‘Level Up.’ Nigerians are already excited as they await the thrilling experience the housemates would bring to the show.

These roommates come from all backgrounds, and it will be interesting to witness how they interact and coexist in one home for the next ten weeks.

Here are the roommates that will have you riveted to your television screens for the next ten weeks.

The Big Brother Naija reality TV program for 2022 has begun. This year’s episode featured roommates who were introduced on the 23rd and 24th of July 2022 and would be residing in the house for 72 days.

This season’s slogan is “Level Up.” Asake’s music performance kicked off tonight’s premiere show. The much-anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 7 housemates were then revealed.

The housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 7 2022 “level up” are as follows;


Stanley Orakwe whose nickname is Groovy hails from Anambra state. Groovy in a statement says he would be bringing a lot of fun, and dynamism to the show.

He said,

“I believe I’m a very creative person, I believe I have a very infectious smile. I am, not a fighter but a lover. I am single and ready to mingle,”


Ilebaye characterizes herself as daring and contentious. She is from the state of Kogi in north central Nigeria. She claims she will be delivering the Gen Z drama. Ilebaye claims to be a lover but not a shipper. If it were up to Ilebaye, every day would be a celebration!


Amaka will take things to the next level by bringing Nicki Minaj vibes to her fans. Her strengths include originality and realism, while her shortcomings include being overly passionate and impatient.
Amaka is from the state of Anambra. She is playing for the money. She is an extreme who believes in going hard or going home. She describes herself as a go-getter who pursues anything she want. She intends to disappoint everybody who thinks a guy will win the season this year.


Beauty promises to be bringing all of her authenticity to the BBNaija Season 7 program. She describes herself as a straightforward person who is outspoken and loyal to herself.

She also claims to be an excellent cook. She claims not to believe in love at first sight. Beauty is a previous beauty queen from Taraba state. She claims to be bringing a lot of energy to the house.


Khalid is a basketball player from Plateau State. He claims to have excellent communication abilities. He’s a fantastic artist and fighter. He does not believe in love at first sight; instead, he would want to meet and get to know the individual. Khalid claims to be single and not looking.
Khalid is eager to take it to the next level, promising to bring charm, intelligence, and teamwork to the House.


Daniella is coming to build a name for herself! She intends to make her presence felt and visible in the House. Housemates may rely on her because she vows not to steal food.
Daniella, a 22-year-old poet, dislikes drama. The twin aspires to be recognized as a poet. She is honest and forthright, a jack of all crafts and a master in some. She doesn’t quite believe in love at first sight. She is from the Cross River state town of Obudu.


Cyph is a tech guy who enjoys taking life as it comes. He claims to be delivering cruise and drama. He enjoys eating and believes in love at first sight. He intends to socialize with the other roommates. He was born in Mbaise, Imo State.
Cyph’s Big Brother Naija House will be filled with drama, competitiveness, and a fun vacation.


Saviour describes himself as self-assured with a great sense of humour. He feels the platform would allow him to display his acting talent. The pharmacist claims he is at the house to express his affection. He cherishes serenity and has never been fond of crises.

On this season of Big Brother Naija, Pharmsavi promises to have “the medicine for all madness.” In his tenure in the House, he vows to be dedicated and entertaining.


Kess is a married man who is a contestant in the BBNaija Level Up Reality show. Kess claims to be delivering positive energy. The married man denies that he believes in love at first sight. He will put his marriage on hold to focus on the game. When he returns, he hopes to find it where he left it.

Christy O

Christy O is eager to bring positive energy, laughter, and amazing vibes to the House, but be careful because she despises liars and always tells it like it is.
Christy O likes using sarcasm to both delight and anger others. She describes herself as “all colors of joy.” She’s never caught off guard. She rejects love at first sight because she does not want to ‘chop breakfast.’ She is from the state of Ondo.


Bryann thinks he can be deliberately obnoxious. Bryann says he’s on the show to show off all of his skills. He brings vigour and drama. He’s at ease in his own flesh. He enjoys producing music. He does not believe in falling in love at first sight. He is a single pringle who may be looking for love.
Bryann vows to bring vibes, great energy, and flair to Big Brother Season 7. He claims to be a danger since he is self-assured and able to adapt to any scenario.


Phyna intends to level up by providing us with ginger and vibrations. She feels that Big Brother Naija fans would like her since she is cheerful, but she may be too strict for them.
Phyna claims to be irritable. She brings a lot of energy, vibe, and drama to the table. Drama, according to Phyna, might indicate violence. She is also presenting something that has never been seen before on the show. She does not believe in true love at first sight. She is from the state of Edo.

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