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Belle Delphine is a renowned cosplayer, internet model, social media personality, and content creator, who stirred up the online community by marketing her ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water.’ Despite her colorful and fantastical appearance, her path has not been without its stumbling blocks, including a ban on her Instagram account.

NameMary-Belle Kirschner (Belle Delphine)
Date of Birth23rd October 1999
NationalitySouth African and British
ProfessionCosplayer, model, and social media personality
Estimated Net Worth$10 million

Early Life and Background

Belle Delphine was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and relocated with her family to the United Kingdom as a child. She has one sister and attended Priestlands School before dropping out at age 14.


Delphine’s unique career began with work in a coffee shop and restaurant, leading to her meteoric rise as a social media personality. Her fame soared with the selling of “Gamer Girl Bath Water” online, and she has since established herself across various platforms, including Instagram, Patreon, YouTube, and OnlyFans.


Though her formal education was cut short after leaving school at 14, Delphine’s self-taught mastery of social media and creative content development has shaped her career.

Personal Life

Beyond her public persona, Delphine maintains a private relationship with an undisclosed boyfriend, who often serves as her photographer. She has previously been in relationships with both men and women.

Estimated Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $10 million, Belle Delphine’s financial success can be attributed to her creative content and entrepreneurial spirit. Her OnlyFans alone reportedly earns her an average of $1 million per month.


From her iconic bath water to her enchanting social media presence, Belle Delphine’s impact on the digital world is undeniable. Her creativity, adaptability, and determination have allowed her to craft a unique career that continues to influence and entertain millions worldwide. Whether you admire her ingenuity or simply enjoy her whimsical content, Belle Delphine’s story is a fascinating exploration of modern internet culture.

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