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Bose Alao Biography

Bose Alao (born 6 January 1985) is a Nigerian actress who has featured in a number of Nollywood movies.

NameBose Alao
Date of Birth6 January 1985
Age37 years (2022)
HusbandRazak Omotoyossi

Bose Alao Background

Bose was the fourth child in a family of five when he was born in Lagos. She gained notoriety as a result of her performance in the Yoruba Nollywood film Itakun.

Bose Alao Education

Bose finished her elementary schooling at Command Children School and went on to Gideon Comprehensive High School, where she received her diploma in 2002.

She completed her secondary education at the University of Lagos, where she planned to major in biology (differed her admission after she conceived shortly after her introduction, due to multiple births, she was unable to go back).

She received a National Diploma in Business Administration from the Lagos City Polytechnic in Ikeja while she was a student there.

Bose Alao Career

Since a few years ago, Bose, also known as Bosslady, has been acting professionally.

She gained notoriety after appearing in the Yoruba Nollywood film “Itakun.” Since then, she has appeared in several Nollywood films.

Bose is a talented and imaginative Yoruba actress in Nollywood who performs her roles well. She can also easily adapt to any role that is given to her, and her countless fans who prefer to watch her movies adore and adore her acting style.

Bose has appeared alongside prominent Yoruba stars such as Yomi Fabiyi, Lilian Afegba, and Anatar Laniyan.

Bose is also a successful businesswoman, professional Nollywood actor, and creator of films and commercials.

Bose runs her own business and serves as the CEO of BMC Ltd. Additionally, she serves as an ambassador for Classiquemaastore, Pragmatichomes, and Netelng.

Bose Alao Awards

Bose Alao won the Best Actress prize at the 2011 ZAFAA Awards in the United Kingdom.

Bose is a mother of 4 girls and is married to footballer Razak Omotoyossi, who was born in Nigeria.

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