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Dr Anu Biography

Dr Anu Biography – whose full name is Dr Anuoluwapo Adepoju is a Nigerian American medical doctor who is popular for performing butt enhancing surgeries in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria. She has gained fame amongst the female folks in Nigeria as many patronize her services in liposuction surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and butt enhancement surgeries. She is the CEO of med_contour.

Dr Anu Biography

Dr Anu Biography

Dr Anu Biography and Education

Dr Anu graduated from the University of Lagos in 2017. She studied Medicine and Surgery at the University of Lagos. After her graduation, she began to practice Medicine and began to perform plastic surgeries on various individuals especially ladies.

Dr Anu Botched Surgery

Dr Anu has been accused of various botched surgeries involving a lot of ladies who have come forward to accuse her of being fake after reportedly complaining of serious, adverse side effects after each surgery. She has been in the news for a while now as many women have come forward to narrate their harrowing experiences with her.

Dr Anu Fella Biography Med Contour

Dr Anu Medical Career, Med Contour and Suspension

Multiple charges of misconduct and botched surgeries at Dr Anu Adepoju’s clinic, Med Contour, led to her suspension from the medical profession in Nigeria.

A number of ladies who underwent cosmetic surgery at Med Contour have reported issues that they are still dealing with. One patient was rushed to LUTH and died after Dr. Anu operated on him.

Following the death of a victim of Dr. Anu’s surgery who died after being transferred to LUTH’s hospital earlier this year, LUTH petitioned the medical panel (read here). Often this year, Omotola Taiwo Temilade, also known as Omohtee, a renowned social media celebrity, called Dr Anu out after a botched surgery left her with difficulties.

Dr. Anu has maintained that she is a certified cosmetic surgeon who has completed the required training. She graduated from the University of Lagos College of Medicine in 2015 and then moved abroad to pursue cosmetic surgery, earning her the title of Physician Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. She went on to say that she has performed over 300 successful procedures and that patients’ difficulties are due to their inability to follow her post-surgery care instructions because they believe they know better.

Dr Anu Biography

Dr Anu Fella Biography Med Contour

Dr. Anu was seen in court in July 2020, when the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, FCCPC, prosecuted her before Justice Mohammed Liman of the Federal High Court, Lagos, for her services that allegedly resulted in Nneka’s death. According to Dr. Olufunmilayo, a well-known medical doctor in Nigeria, she has been barred from practicing medicine. He stated that she would be unable to practice anywhere else in the world.

Dr Anu Biography

Dr Olufunmilayo said in a tweet,

“Dr. Anuoluwapo Olufunmi Adepoju has been suspended from the medical profession in Nigeria with effect from 5th November 2020. The suspension Order was issued by the Medical and Dental Practitioners Investigation Panel pursuant to powers conferred on it by s15(3)c of the Medical and Dental Practitioners Act Cap M8 LFN 2004.

“She graduated from College of Medicine Unilag 2017. By December 2018 she carried out a Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery procedure on a patient who developed complications and went on to die from the complications.

“She was a House Officer when she carried out the procedure. Her suspension is till further notice. It is pending the determination of the case by the Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.”

Dr Olufunmilayo added: “If you read the Dr Anu story earlier this year on Twitter, this is to confirm she has now been suspended from medical practice. She only graduated from The College of Medicine UniLag 2017. Then she did butt enlargement operation on a beauty queen in 2018. Sadly the patient died.”

Dr Anu Biography

The Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission supported her suspension by saying,

“The Federal Competiton and Consumer Protection Commission welcomes the Medical and Dental Council’s decision to impose interim measures suspending Dr. Anuoluwapo Adepoju indefinitely from practising medicine pending full and final disposition of disciplinary proceedings.
“Every action whether interim or final that prevents the risk of injury to patients/consumers and or mitigates the pain and suffering of citizens on account of injury by manufacturers or service providers is an important component of a larger effort to protect citizens.

“The commission finds all such actions or measures commendable. This outcome, interim as it were, validates and reinforces the proprietary of joint or dual regulatory engagement as the commission always advocates. The initiation of robust consumer protection regulatory intervention in the case has catalysed other relevant and appropriate action.”

Dr Anu LUTH Petition

After a patient died in LUTH following a botched cosmetic surgery conducted by Dr Anu Adepoju of Med Contour, the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, has petitioned the Medical and Dental Practitioners’ Investigation Panel to probe Dr Anu Adepoju of Med Contour.

Following the death of Miss Nneka Onwuzuligbo, who developed difficulties after cosmetic surgery at Dr Anu’s clinic before dying at LUTH, the management of LUTH accused Dr Anu of professional malpractice. Dr Anu attempted to extract herself by blaming LUTH for her death.

Dr Anu Fella Biography Med Contour

Dr. Anu Adepoju continued to conduct surgeries despite the Lagos State Health Clinic Monitoring and Accreditation Agency closing her facility, according to a petition signed by LUTH’s Director of Legal Services, O. O. Olajide, dated June 11, 2020.

Nneka was admitted to LUTH with acute respiratory distress, septicaemia, and infected surgical wounds, according to the hospital.

LUTH claimed in an affidavit attached to the case that on January 3, 2019, Dr Anu Adepoju recommended the late Nneka from her hospital to LUTH under the guise of being sent from the General Hospital, Odan.

LUTH added that after the death of Nneka, Dr Anu Adepoju blamed LUTH.

Dr Anu Biography

The affidavit further read:

“Dr Adepoju has in a series of misleading and incorrect public statements in the social media absolved herself from liability in the management of this patient and put the blame on LUTH and its personnel, who availed the patient of their facilities and expertise. She directly impugned the competence of the hospital and her senior professional colleagues and teachers.

“Dr Adepoju further claimed in the video that the patient ‘walked to LUTH by herself’. This is false as the patient was brought to LUTH in an ambulance accompanied by her sister, Quincy Onwuzuligbo, in a state of severe respiratory distress.

“She (Adepoju) accused the medical team at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital of being responsible for the death of Miss Nneka Onwuzuligbo. She claimed this was due to wrongful positioning of the patient, stopping all antibiotics resulting in mortality. She stated in her video that liposuction and fat grafting is a new area of surgery and doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital are ignorant of post-operative management of the condition.

“Dr Adepoju instigated the relations of the patient and the public against the Lagos University Teaching Hospital and its doctors by saying that ‘the plastic surgeons and doctors at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital should be asked about the death of Miss Onwuzuligbo Nneka’.”

LUTH also alleged that Dr Anu Adepoju obtained full registration as a medical practitioner on April 4, 2019, but she was already performing surgery on patients before that. The hospital said Dr Adepoju performed the surgery on the later Nneka Onwuzuligbo in December 2018, four months before she was fully registered as a medical practitioner.

Dr Anu Fella Biography Med Contour

LUTH further stated that Dr Anu claimed to be a cosmetic surgeon without undergoing a residency training programme or being registered by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.

Dr Anu Biography

Dr Anu Husband

Dr Anu is happily married and has 2 children.

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