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Facebook has been filled with speculations from investors and critics that the Chinmark Investment platform has crashed with a lot of harrowing tales of alleged abuse of funds by it’s founder Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah.

These speculations and the general hysteria that followed came after a former employee of the Investment company came out and denounced the company stating that she is no longer sure of what the company stands for; following her denouncement, a top linguist in Nigeria Maazi Ogbonnaya also took time to detail an expose on the Investment company.

According to Maazi Ogbonnaya, the company says it has been in operation for more than 10 years, but he pointed out to an old facebook post which the founder Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah made in 2017 which clearly revealed the company was not even created as at then according to Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro

Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro said a lot, but this is one of what he posted on his Facebook wall,

I wanted to keep this information till 19th, but I noticed that others got the same information from different sources and already sharing it.
On the process of finding, the ownership of the hotel in Enugwu which you keep telling me: he has hotels everywhere nah so nothing dey happen, has been transferred from Chinmark to Amuzie Happiness.
What it means is that Bridge Suites and Residence, a.k.a Chinmark Paradise does not belong to him anymore. Evidence are attached below. On December 23, 2021 the same period SEC announced the fraudulent activities of the scheme, the director and ownership of the hotel was given to Amuzie Happiness, through the CAC record.
They told us that FinAfrica Investment is an organization they are partnering with initially until we were told it’s an investment arm of chinmark. The FinAfrica is registered by Chinmark and his wife. Your dear Sweetest Solace. So it was never an independent company with presence in over 30 countries as they bragged. Na two of them run am.
I didn’t want to say this now until 19th, but since the information is already leaked, let me help you understand.
So if you near that hotel, trying to claim it as your ROP, OYO is your name. Na another man dey in charge. No be him hotel again.
Ose karịrị n’anụ kanda.
I paused.

Others in the social media app also detailed their various experiences and personal opinions about the Investment platform before Chinmark CEO Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah decided to step in and give an official explanation as to why Investors cannot withdraw their deposits.

Chinmark CEO Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah said,

On the 4th of March 2022 we made this publication in national dailies across the country to inform our clients of the current situation of the brand and our commitment not to fail our Partners in our obligations. From the opening of chinmark paradise it has been named Bridge suites and residence and nothing has changed , chinmark group has 100% ownership .Finally the 60days we requested from our Partners ends on the 19th of March 2022, Chinmark group is 100% intact and all assets ours .Thank you for your Patience and confidence.

The CEO’s statement was however limited on Facebook as only approved accounts by the CEO were allowed to comment and they were all filled with positive reviews; a move which raises suspicion.

Influencers of Chinmark Called Out As Some Deny Him

Following the alleged crash, a lot of influencers who helped promote the Chinmark brand were called out with some denying him by deleting former pictures of their endorsement of the brand.

One of the Influencers who told investors to be calm said,

Good evening everyone.
My name is Ubani Chidinma Sharon. I am a brand ambassador at Chinmark Group.
In light of recent sad happenings, I’ve received multiple calls and messages from partners in the brand. Partners who had business with the brand through me.
I’ve tried to address complaints privately with these partners but I now see the need to also share how I feel about the current situation publicly.
In December 2019, I got to know about Chinmark group. I also took part in a challenge. A Christmas challenge organized by the brand. I won the challenge and I was paid.
At the time, Chinmark operated a construction company and that was all they did to the best of my knowledge.
As a beneficiary of the Christmas challenge, I felt the need to promote the services of the brand.
I was soon sent an appointment letter to represent the brand as a student ambassador.
I was in 200level at the time and to be honest, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity. It was a big win for me.
Other arms of the brand began to spring up. Loans, rides, farms, medicals and fin-Africa investment, logistics and food services.
I ran a small business, Sharons bonnet and I patronized these services. I had no other logistics company I used in Uyo asides Chinmark.
I had soo much trust for the brand and I invested when announcements were made for the student plan.
I invested 100k.
My mum had earlier invested 500k, as she was the very first person I introduced to the partnership arm of the brand.
My Dad invested 2Million.
I loved Chinmark and all they represented and I gladly promoted their services.
I have personally benefited from this brand. I got a one-time 50k scholarship. My business gets a facelift every time I’m being mentioned by my boss. He also patronized my brand severally. I was also selected for a Dubai trip. An exposure I couldn’t afford at the time. I also received 200k to open an offline store. I later used the money to get a weaving machine instead because the cost of opening an offline store exceeded the funds I had and received.
All these and more further strengthened my love and commitment to the brand and I performed my responsibilities as an ambassador every day till the brand informed us via mail in January that we should stop promoting the services of the brand. I’ve since stopped promoting the business.
I fend for myself reason I show up everyday and post my business like it’s all well. It’s not all well.
I am deeply saddened by the events unfolding and everyday I pray this ends. I am constantly in communication with partners who have reached out to me.
I honestly wish I knew how to fix this and make everything work fine as it has always been.
Right now, I am so stranded and I don’t know how best to proceed.
I honestly do pray that this is resolved soon and no one has to go through pain of any kind.

Meanwhile one Daniel Ochu has called out to Investors who invested with Chinmark to send him an email, he wrote;

It is not in my nature to discuss business people, but I must talk about Chinmark Group
The reason is that I have a 68-year-old woman who invested her retirement money with him, and upon hearing that his Ponzi business has failed, the woman collapsed. She is currently being managed for “Uncontrolled Elevated Blood Pressure.”
✅She is not a known hypertensive patient
✅Her electrolytes are normal
✅Nil 3rd heart sound or murmur sound picked
✅Her cholesterol and other essential parameter are good.
This woman could have died if not for early medical intervention
Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, you can not be flying private jets with people’s money they entrusted in your hands for you to use and trade for them as you promised, then pay them the ROF of the investment
You can not be buying an expensive car for your wife with people’s sweat
I am pretty sure if this money was yours, you can’t spend it recklessly.
Because of this older woman, I will launch a crusade to make sure she recovers every kobo, and you must refund the poor masses back their money
As for those that deceived the populace into investing their hard-earned money with #Chinmark, my legal team will write to Facebook App Headquarters, No 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park, CA 94025, to report and find out if verified pages in Nigeria are meant to be used to deceive the gullible Nigerian
Maybe, Facebook will explain to us the reason why those with verified pages are using it to prey on gullible Nigerians.
Maazị Ogbonnaya Okoro II, please tell all the people that invested with #chinmark to reach out to me via inbox or email me at [email protected] before the end of this month.

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