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The Nigerian Government recently mandated every Nigerian to register for the National Identification Number (NIN), and many opinions have trailed this as the FG gave two weeks for this to be done; else sim cards would be blocked.

For MTN Users This is How To Link Your NIN To Your Phone (Step By Step)

  • To link your NIN, simply dial *785# using the phone number you wish to link, enter your NIN and submit or;
  • Dial *785#Your NIN# from the phone number you wish to link. The number will be linked to your NIN automatically.
  • Visit https://mtnonline.com/nim/using your phone or computer.
  • Complete the NIN linking form by entering your name, phone number, NIN, and email address.
  • Submit the form as soon as you’re done.
  • Wait for feedback from the network.


MTN Nigeria has detailed a step by step procedure on how to register your National Identification Number (NIN) with them if you have an MTN Sim Card owned by you.

Also in line NCC instructions, MTN customers can now link there NIN with there SIM online without any stress follow the below steps to link your NIN (national identification number) with your MTN number.

Requirements to Register your NIN with MTN:

  • .MTN Number

You must have Gotten your national identification number from the NCC office, before starting this step. To get it, follow the steps below,

1. Visit the link below


2.Fill In your MTN number

3. Fill In your NIN Number

4.Fill In Your email number

Finally summit it is very simple please do fast to prevent your SIM from getting blocked.



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