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How To Scare Armed Robbers Away During This Lockdown [It Works!]

by Jay

The rate of crime in the Nigerian sphere is expected to increase this lockdown period. Armed robbers are already on the loose in parts of Lagos and Ogun as the lockdown caused by coronavirus bites harder on citizens who depend on daily income to survive.

In this unsettled atmosphere, many households think they need a gun to protect themselves and their loved ones from these robbers; but they can’t easily get one anyway; not this period!

So What do you do? How do you stay safe?

Step One

Get a very good Bluetooth speaker. Don’t go for all these cheap ones around but get the ones made by HK, JBL, or SONY.

Step Two

Always ensure you charge them for use at night. This way they can be effective when called on.

Step Three

Quickly rush down to your google play store and download the YouTube app. You may already have this app in your phone. No worries, you are on the right track.

Step Four

When its really late at night, maybe 11, 12 or 1am; and you suddenly hear your neighbours screaming or perhaps a hard, suspicious knock on your door; you know its game on!

Power your speaker and place it outside, crank the volume to 80 or 90 percent. open the YouTube app and search for a very good “gun shot” sound effect. Do not fall into the temptation of playing the noisy machine guns it will sound suspicious. Where you go see machine gun for nigeria?
Look for good double barrel sound effect or that of pistol. Load it up and fire two shot in the air via the speakers! That would sure scare the living daylight out of any intruder.

You will end up being a superhero for your neighbours too, as they also will be saved. They might wonder where the sound came from, but of course you wouldn’t let anyone know your little secret. Nobody knows where the shot came from, though they heard the sound. Period!

I hope this helps!

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