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James Nnaji is a young and impressive talent in the world of basketball. Born on August 14, 2004, Nnaji is a Nigerian professional basketball player who currently plays for FC Barcelona in the Spanish Liga ACB and the EuroLeague.

In 2023, Nnaji decided to declare for the NBA draft, a pivotal step in his basketball career. ESPN ranked him as the 24th highest prospect in their Top 100, demonstrating the recognition he has gained for his skills and potential on the court. The NBA draft presents a great opportunity for Nnaji to further elevate his career and showcase his talents on an even larger international stage. His journey thus far is a testament to his determination, skill, and passion for the sport of basketball.

James Nnaji Parents

James Nnaji is the son of Mr and Mrs Nnaji. His parents are Nigerians and reside in Makurdi, Benue state Nigeria. His parents are devout Christians who are from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. In a video on Twitter, James Nnaji could be seen welcoming his parents to Spain after not seeing them for four years due to his profession.

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