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Last week, the cost of gas and electricity jumped by 54%, forcing residents to choose between “heating or feeding.”

The electric vehicle blanket from Sojoy Auto costs less than £40.

Thousands of free electric blankets have been distributed to help households cope with rising energy costs. Last week, the cost of gas and electricity increased by 54 percent, forcing residents to choose between “heating or eating.”

As the cost of living crisis hits the UK, energy company Octopus Energy is distributing 5,000 blankets to individuals in need. This comes amid a cost-of-living issue that is disproportionately affecting the poor, and BirminghamLive has been offering money-saving tips.

According to Uswitch, using an electric blanket for an hour each night would cost 28p, or £1.96 over a week. According to The Mirror, the actual sum will vary based on your tariff, which blanket you choose, and how long you use it for.

The rising worldwide cost of energy, which is affecting businesses across the economy, is a major cause of the cost of living crisis. Wholesale gas costs, in example, have risen dramatically in recent months, driving up energy prices and throwing a number of providers out of business.

The government, on the other hand, has been chastised for how well it has handled the situation. Lord Rose, the CEO of Asda, described it as “tin eared” today.

If you want to save money, heating only a blanket for one or two individuals should be more efficient than trying to heat a complete room or house. “Stocks are quite low,” said Octopus, who had 5,000 blankets to give away. Customers can use the company’s online assistance tool to get their free blanket, which can also aid with any other questions they may have.

The largest blow, by far, has been the increased price cap on energy bills, which was raised to £1,971 from April 1 by regulator OFGEM. As a result of the change, the typical household energy bill in the UK will increase by over £700 per year.

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