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By Anna Loredana (Contributor factboyz.com)

According to a recent study conducted by IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association), the $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S has been contributing to at least 3-4% annually for the last ten years and accelerating to achieve more results in the coming days. Following are the reasons that are causing the fitness industry to leverage their trend in the market more affluently;

1. Healthy lifestyle:

According to the recent statistics, about 20% of American adults have a fitness club membership because people are leaving their passive lifestyle to opt for an active and healthy lifestyle. As the usual inactive lifestyle is promoting obesity and other disorders among people, therefore they are diverting their attention from medication to physical therapies to get rid of these disorders.

Physical exercise is an organic way to get rid of these disorders and it helps to drive strength in your body. The healthcare providers are also recommending their patients to opt for physical therapy, although they associate with the fitness centers to look after their patients. Medical billing and coding professionals keep the record of these recommendations and manage administrative tasks to comply with the services of healthcare faculty and the fitness industry, simultaneously.

2. Health insurance costs:

Healthy people cost much less for insurance companies. Therefore, most of the insurance companies have realized that they can cut insurance costs down by incentivizing healthy lifestyle.

The healthcare expenditures are increasing daily, which also leverages the company’s bottom line and it results in the increment of the benefits from their incentives. This helps them to create another source of income for the fitness industry.

The fitness industry is a fast-pacing business of the modern era. It’s generally not long enough for this industry to own the status of a health club or studio. The health insurance companies are becoming a very valued source of supplemental revenue in the industry.

3. The new demand for healthy foods:

In recent years consumer demand has been leveraging away from industrial-scale processed food in favor of healthier, more natural and/or organic options. This evolution is causing the population all over the country to be more conscious of the diet they consume. It has had an overflow effect of making more people interested in fitness.

Once, consumers start thinking more carefully about their dietary decisions then they consult their health mentors for diet consumption and essential requirements. The fitness practitioners can get this information about their customers and run nutrient foods and drinks business lines along with their fitness training.

Medical billing and coding professionals obtain every kind of information about these customers and help you to go through the medical record of your customers. Then you can assess the nutritional requirement of your customers and provide them suitable diet charts and drinks that are essential for their health.

4. Wearable:

Wearable are the devices that can be dressed in on your body and can assist you to solve your problems. For example, devices such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin and even smartphones or other portable computers are putting biometric health statistics at millions of people’s fingerprints.

The capability of people to outlook important measurable like; (what are the daily intakes, to calculate how many calories they burn, what is their heart rate, what is their blood pressure) that are making them much more in tune with how their body perform daily tasks and what are the beneficial steps they can take to improve their health.

5. Diet Charts:

Diet charts are quite crucial benchmarks to obtain fitness goals. Once, someone starts paying attention to their health mentors, they start making more healthy decisions in each aspect of their daily life.

It makes people observe things like, how much they need to improve their health, what kind of diet they must follow, what are the things they need to abstain from. It has been observed that this avenue of inquiry eventually drives many consumers to find out the solution from their fitness trainers and health mentors.

It is important to keep up with the personalized health data in our daily lives, it is the essential requirement of the fitness business owners to hire administrative staff like medical billing and coding professionals who can keep and secure the personal and medical data of the customers and help you to manage the streamlined execution of all your services.

6. Streaming exercises classes:

It is a new strategic kick-off, that most of the fitness industries are streaming their exercise classes on different media. People can access the guidance of their health mentors at remote locations. It can help people with busy schedules to comply with physical exercise.  Otherwise, people who have had busy schedules couldn’t make it go to the gym and find out time for exercise.

Virtual exercisers typically also maintain their membership charges at a health club or studio. This combination drives them optimum social engagement and keeps their audience to stay fit longer. Many exercises advocate and even beginners now use multiple venues to stay consistent with their fitness plan.

7. Budget-friendly gyms:

Boutique fitness studios and “high-value, low-price” (HVLP) health clubs are the two crucial factors that are responsible for the majority of the recent growth in members and the number of facilities. HVLP gyms are attracting an immense population of members due to inexpensive memberships along with a good bang for the buck in terms of equipment, classes, and services.

However, the boutique studios have been growing very quickly also all over the country. These studios are usually quite cozy and specialized. Boutique studios usually encompass spinning, high-intensity interval training classes, circuit training, barre, Pilates. They also provide these services at affordable costs.

8. Outdoor obstacle races:

Such events always result in driving huge crowds, it helps them to arrange competition among people as they really enjoying the training for these contests. As it is obvious that people are eager to win such competitions.

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