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Following the announcement that authorities have named Robert Crimo as a person of interest, various photos of the suspect has flooded the internet. One of the photos in particular showed a the suspect in a parade that appears to be organized in support of former president Trump.

Though he was not holding the banner in particular, he stood very close to the banner that spelt out trump, with colors of the American flag on it.

Was Robert “Bobby” Crimo A Trump Supporter?

It is not clear if Robert “Bobby” Crimo was a Trump supporter, however, a photo showed him posing in a parade that appears to have been organized for President Trump.

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  1. wristaction on

    Looks more like he was there to troll Trump supporters, tbh.

    • Becky Galope on

      Nope not a Trump supporter. There are pics of him dressing like ANTIFA and wearing a bullet proof helmet.
      Looks very much like a woke liberal Marxist type….you know, a basement dweller.

      • sickofyouall on

        That’s funny coming from a knuckle dragging inbred Nazi POS

      • Laszlo Toth on

        Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

        These aren’t the only pictures of him Trumping out, honey. Y’all gotta take responsibility sooner or later. I know it’s totally contrary to the Trump philosophy but we’re getting real tired of everysingle thing you don’t like being Fake News.

      • Laszlo Toth on

        I did a little more research — research, you Trumpies ever heard of it? — and he even released a pro-QAnon song called “I Am The Storm.” Your lazy evidence-free whining isn’t convincing anybody. The evidence that this guy was Full Trumpie keeps pouring in and I suspect it’s only gonna get worse.

        Own up to this. This is your boy here.

    • Gregory William on

      He’s wearing a Where’s Waldo outfit in FRONT of the barricades where the Trump supporters are. It’s mockery of the Trump folks, not admiration.

      Add this guy to the growing list of unhinged, leftist killers.

    • Nonya Bizness on

      He attended the rally with a TP USA activist, so no.

  2. jane on

    Heavy.com shows more pictures, he was a trump supporter

    • Gregory William on

      There are exactly two photos of the killer that contains Trump imagery. One is of the killer wearinf a Where’s Waldo outfit OUTSIDE the barriers of a Trump event, which was intended to mock the supporters. The second is of the killer draped in a Trump flag and making a disgusted face and bending over. Again, mocking the Trump flag and supporters. The dozens of other photos show the killer in drag, sporting well known Antifa like tattoos and very obviously not a conservative nor Trump fan.

      Sorry, but this kid now joins the growing list of left wing killers, like the Buffalo shooter who targeted black people in a grocery store there. Media screamed Trump supporter, the killer was a self avowed communist turned authoritarian left winger.

  3. Ann on

    He looks like a fish out of water any where near Trumpers. Looks more like a Crimo Recruit for the Feds.

    • Laszlo Toth on

      In your expert and totally unbiased opinion. LOL.

      Admittedly, he’s pretty skinny for a Trump cultist.

  4. mike on

    He’s dressed like Where’s Waldo. Get it, like find him in the crowd cause he doesn’t belong there. No Trump supporter looks like this meth-head. No Trump supporter would kill people at a 4th of July parade. No flag burning ANTIFA Biden supporters would.

    • MAB on

      Oh, bullshit. And no Trump supporters, I suppose, would raid the U.S. Capitol to stop a legitimate election??? You’re full of crap.

    • Anonymous on

      That was the first thing I thought of also, Waldo.

    • Laszlo Toth on

      Yeah, he’d need at least another 100-150 pounds on him to look like a Trump supporter. Otherwise, spot on.

    • Laszlo Toth on

      He recorded a pro-QAnon song about “the storm,” dimbulb, but keep going, your denial is adorable.

  5. Lisa Y on

    Typical denialism by the Trumpers; there’s another picture of him literally wrapping a Trump flag around his shoulders. Look for it. You people just don’t have the guts to believe one of your own is an evil killer. Keep deflecting and fantasizing he’s antifa or a Biden supporter. Your guy lost and you guys are a bunch of losers thinking his bull crap is real. And by the way, he’s taking all of your money that you’ve been donating to him and paying off family and friends, like that trollop Kimberly Guilfoyle.

    • Adz Haler on

      What does his being (or not being) a Trump supporter have to do with it? He posted multiple music videos of himself fantasizing about committing a mass shooting. He was a psycho long before he ever went to a Trump rally.

      • Laszlo Toth on

        If he’d been a Muslim, the Trumpers would be crapping their pants with bigot rage and blaming every Muslim in the country for him. Why should they be treated any different, huh?

        Oh, right, because the ONLY moral principle of Trumpism is “it’s only wrong when someone else does it.” That’s the whole point of belonging to that club.

    • Anonymous on

      Highest gas rices

      • Anonymous on

        yes, gas, food, water, electricity, natural gas, restaurants and all stores. Unprecedented price increases. Very convenient to blame Russia, China, Putin, Trump. But now we have shortages of everything everywhere. The Dems with their leaders taking this country to where everything will be not available. Welcome to USSR !!!! Biden has been in power for almost 2 years. Why is he not changing anything???!!! Wake up before it is too late. It’s already almost too late.

  6. Laszlo Toth on

    Apparently all the Trump stans in the comments who are in raging denial over this guy haven’t seen his Twitter likes yet. Yeah, if he was just an “ironic” Trump supporter, he sure took it to some weird extremes — if constantly liking right-wing pundits was a “just a joke” from some Antifa supporter doing a “false flag,” I sure don’t see what the gag is.

    Oh, wait. Trump cultists and their complete denial of the evidence are the gag. They always were.

  7. Dave Bishop on

    Blow the picture up as large as you can and look in his glasses…there is a reflection of a window, a dog, it was PHOTOSHOPPED you all!!!!!

    • Adz Haler on

      It does seem that way.

      Regardless, I fail to see what bearing his political beliefs have to do with what he did. He clearly had mental issues and should have been in a psyche ward somewhere, getting the help he needs.

    • Anonymous on

      You are correct, he is clearly indoors, a window behind him and a dog complete with collar on his right.

  8. Artie on

    100% of American flag burners (and now shooters of July 4 parades) are from the Socialist side.
    This guy looks like the stereotypical Antifa and behaved as one.

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