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What Killed ‘where we bout to eat at’ kid? Antwain Fowler



What Killed ‘where we bout to eat at’ kid? – Autoimmune enteropathy was Antwain Fowler’s cause of death. It’s a rare condition that causes severe diarrhea in children, to the point that they require IV fluids. It can also affect a child’s capacity to absorb vitamins and nutrients.

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When the body’s immune system attacks itself, generating inflammation in the gut lining, the disease develops. It can also affect the thyroid gland.

Autoimmune enteropathy is an uncommon condition that can be linked to other illnesses including diabetes or renal failure.

The disorder is characterized by recurrent or persistent diarrhea, poor weight gain or loss, decreased urination, frequent infections, sometimes bloody stools, and a skin rash.

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Antwain Fowler is an American teen whose video went viral and made him famous all over the world. He can be heard in the video asking his mother, ‘Where we bout to eat at,’ while eating chips and appearing overweight.

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On Sunday, November 21, 2021, Antwain Fowler’s Instagram account stated the six-year-old had died.

His mother who manages his account wrote;

The Pain in my heart is like no other, Why God?

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