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Cynthia Malkin Blumenthal is most known all across America and of course the world to be the wife of Senator Richard Blumenthal – The Senator representing the state of Connecticut (147th District) in the United States of America. Cynthia Malkin, the ever loving wife of Senator Blumenthal is probably no stranger to the corridors of wealth and power.

Cynthia Malkin Blumenthal

Born to Peter L. Malkin in the early 1960s, Cynthia Malkin enjoyed a privileged childhood as her father was well established and connected in the real estate business, also managing his own huge real estate empire.

Richard Blumenthal celebrates his 2010 victory with his wife Cynthia Malkin
Richard Blumenthal celebrates his 2010 victory with his wife Cynthia Malkin

Cynthia Malkin, Blumenthal’s wife also possesses the Jewish heritage as her father Peter .L. Malkin was raised in a Jewish family. She met Richard Blumenthal back in 1977 when she was only 16 years of age and Richard was already in his 30s. The age difference didn’t deter her much as she went ahead to get married to Richard who is the love of her life.

Now lets take sometime and delve into Cynthia Malkin’s Biography but before that, here are some quick facts on Cynthia Malkin, Richard Blumenthal’s wife;

NameCynthia Malkin Blumenthal
Date of Birth 1961
Age62 years (2023)
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandRichard Blumenthal
Children4 (3 Sons, 1 Daughter) Matt Blumenthal, Claire Blumenthal, David Blumenthal, Michael Blumenthal
ParentsPeter Malkin (father) & Isabel Wien (mother)
Net Worth$100 million
SiblingsScott David Malkin, Anthony Edward Malkin
EducationHarvard University
Known ForSpouse to Richard Blumenthal

Cynthia Malkin’s Biography

Cynthia Malkin was born to Peter L Malkin and Isabel Wien in 1961, who was a very successful and wealthy real estate investor, financier and mogul. To fully understand the level of influence he had, we must take into consideration the fact that Cynthia Malkin’s father was once the chairman of the Empire State Realty Fund which funded several building projects all across New York city. Peter L Malkin also owned various properties across the US spread across Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, left, holds hands with his wife Cynthia Blumenthal, and waves to the crowd as he accepts the Democratic nomination to run as the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator during the 2010 State Democratic Convention at the Connecticut Expo Center, Hartford, Friday evening, May 21, 2010l.

Cynthia Malkin’s childhood was filled with memories of elegance and class as she grew up in a neighborhood where class matched with class. Cynthia Malkin followed her father’s footstep’s by proceeding to study in the prestigious expensive school of Harvard University.

Cynthia Malkin attended Harvard University where she met Richard Blumenthal and they both fell in love. The Love story was too strong at that time for Cynthia who didn’t think much of the 15 year age difference they had.

Cynthia Malkin Siblings

Cynthia Malkin has two brothers Scott David Malkin and Anthony Edward Malkin who are obviously doing well financially; thanks to the influence and ground work foundation their father Peter L Malkin laid for them.

Tony Malkin (Credit: Max Dworkin)
Tony Malkin (Credit: Max Dworkin)

Anthony Edward Malkin is the current chairman of the current Chairman, CEO and President of Empire State Realty Trust while her other brother Scott David Malkin is the founder of Value Retail Plc and co owner of the New York Islanders Professional Hockey Team.

Cynthia Malkin Parents

In the short Biography intro at the beginning we mentioned Cynthia Malkin’s father Peter L Malkin who was a real estate investor and properties tycoon who made a good chunk of his fortune in New York.

SenatorRichard Blumenthal, his wife Wendy, Isabel Malkin and Peter Malkin, President of the Greenwich Tree Conservancy, get together at the ConservancyâÄôs annual Tree Party Celebration, which was held at McArdles Garden Center on April 25.

Peter L. Malkin is Cynthia Malkin’s father while Isabel Wien is her mother. Isabel Malkin does not seem to draw much attention to herself as not much is known about her unlike her husband; though we know Isabel Malkin is a writer who uses her writing skills to promote cultural giving.

Cynthia Malkin’s parents are fully involved in philanthropic and charitable works where they donate thousands and millions of Dollars to charitable courses that promote environmental concerns, Arts and Culture, Education, Health and Jewish causes. Her parents main source of Income come from the Empire State Realty Trust and Malkin Holdings.

Cynthia Malkin’s Husband – Richard Blumenthal

The love story between Cynthia Malkina and Richard Blumenthal is a very strong one indeed and even after 4 decades of being married, they do not seem to be backing down as they are very supportive of each other – ensuring they promote their causes in the way they can.

Richard Blumenthal and his wife Cynthia Malkin
Richard Blumenthal and his wife Cynthia attend the Center for Reproductive Rights 2014 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center on October 29, 2014 in New York City. (Getty)

Cynthia Malkin’s husband Richard Blumenthal was also born into a Jewish family in 1946; with his father emigrating to the United States from Germany. His mother Jane, grew up in Nebraska.

Richard Blumenthal as we mentioned earlier is older than Cynthia Malkin with about 15 years. Mr Blumenthal served in the United States Military from 1970 to 1976 attaining the sergeant rank. His political career began when he served in various capacities as assistant and aide to Sen. Abram A. Ribicoff and Daniel P. Moynihan respectively.

By the time Sen. Richard Blumenthal was 31 years of age, he was appointed US Attorney for the district of Connecticut; where he faithfully served from 1977 to 1981. The following year, he married Cynthia Allison Malkin.

Following several appointments and elections in his highly successful political career, Blumenthal was elected into the US senate. Blumenthal won the November 2 2010 election, defeating his rival McMahon 55% to 43%.

Cynthia Malkin Children

Cynthia Malkin has 4 children. 3 sons and 1 daughter. Their names are;

Matt Blumenthal, Claire Blumenthal, David Blumenthal, Michael Blumenthal.

Cynthia Malkin Net Worth

Cynthia Malkin’s net worth is about a $150 million and most of that comes from her father’s inheritance. Also her husband’s net worth is a mouth dropping $70 million.

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