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Leo Ashton Parents

Leo Ashton’s mother is Melanie Ash. She also runs the “Meladrama” acting school in Lancashire. She has appeared in a variety of projects, including Coronation Street, Ackley Bridge, The Bay, and many others.

Meladrama Acting School, Agency, and Theatre Company was founded in 2005 by Melanie Ash (Leo Ashton’s mother) to provide professional and affordable part-time drama training for children, teenagers, and adults. The school was founded in response to the scarcity of affordable professional training for working-class actors outside of Manchester.

Meladrama also works on community drama and creative writing projects with LGBTQ groups, alcohol and drug services, and various schools and community groups throughout the north west.

Meladrama agency closed in December 2019 and was the only agency outside of London specializing in ‘disability’ actors. It is still the only part-time drama school that offers fully inclusive classes, where impaired actors are taught and work alongside other professional and non-professional non-impaired actors.

Leo Ashton Family

Leo Ashton comes from an entertainment-industry-related family. Melanie Ash, his mother, is a well-known actress who has been in the entertainment industry for a while now.

Leo has clearly been influenced by his mother. Melanie is undoubtedly supportive of Leo’s career choices, given that she is also an actress.

He also appears to come from a loving family and home. In an Instagram post, Leo thanked everyone who has supported him throughout his career, including his mother. Also, in Melanie Ash’s Linkedin account, she wrote in her bio,

“Actor | Teacher | Writer | CSA activist AND Mother to my wonderful son and child actor Leo Ashton”

Leo Ashton is an English actor who portrays young Aegon Targaryen in the House of the Dragon series. Leo Ashton of House of the Dragon has made a significant career advancement at the age of 14 and as a teenager.

Ashton plays the young Aemond Targaryen, who does not yet have a dragon at the start of the series but is nicknamed Aemond One-Eye after losing an eye in a fight over one of the creatures.

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