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Let’s talk about how to tell if a man is no longer interested in you. First and foremost, yikes! This one hurts a lot, and I feel bad for you if you’re in it.

Let’s starting at the very beginning. All appeared to be going according to plan!

All just felt right and he was clearly mad about you. Then everything changed… his behaviour changed for reasons you don’t understand.

Maybe it happened after a couple of dates… Maybe after a stretch of flirting in which you felt like you were on the verge of something… But so that didn’t happen.

Maybe he’s either too preoccupied with work or education, or he’s struggling with personal problems, or he just wants some space because you’ve been spending too much time together.

He Reduces Communication

One of the first signals that a guy is losing confidence is when he does this. If a guy wants to speak to you, you can usually count on him to call you. You should be concerned if a guy who constantly calls and texts you avoids doing so.
Isolation and decreased verbal communication may indicate waning interest. However, it may also indicate improvements in his personal life – either he’s really stressed or has domestic problems to contend with.
It’s still better to reach out and inquire instead of assuming he’s lost confidence.

He Doesn’t Want To Hang Out Anymore With You

If a guy likes you, he’ll want to spend time with you alone. Spending time alone with your partner is a perfect way to get to know each other better and increase your intimacy.
But it’s a negative thing if he totally avoids wanting to hang out with you one-on-one. It indicates he doesn’t feel compelled to spend time alone with you, which is a strong indication that he’s lost interest.

He Ignores You on Social Media

Many people would disagree, but when a guy will totally ignore you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram while being really busy and posting or responding to other people’s messages, you are nothing more than a pinch of salt to him. If you make the daring move of leaving a message on his blog, you will be overlooked as well. There’s nothing more frustrating than standing in the same room with someone and seeing them behave as though you don’t exist.

He Changes His Body Language

A man who likes you does not express it verbally, however his body language can.
In social settings, he’ll face his body towards you to establish intimacy, and he’ll find excuses to touch your shoulder or arm (like when he makes you laugh).
These cues are easy to ignore, but you’ll remember them subconsciously and they’re a huge part of why you think he likes you in the first place.
You will, though, remember if his body language previously told you one thing and has since changed.

He Ignores Appointments and Gives Flimsy Reasons

A man who really loves a woman will never feel safe standing her up. Almost inevitably, he will apologise and make amends. You don’t need to be told that your guy doesn’t care for you anymore if you discover that he misses appointments and/or meet-ups and you have to be the one and call and figure out why. Genuine love for your wife is like a high that you can’t get enough of. You can’t go a day without it, no matter how hard you try. A minute spent with you means a lot to a man who really wants to be with you.

He Doesn’t Bother When You Talk About Other Guys

Maybe you catch his attention fading and attempt to provoke a response by bringing up other guys (this is never a smart idea, by the way; if you think you need to make a guy jealous to see if he cares for you, he really doesn’t)… and he doesn’t bat an eyelash. “Oh, you’ve been hanging out with Mike?” says the narrator. That’s great; he’s an amazing guy,” he says, and he doesn’t mean that sarcastically.

By their very essence, men are competitive. If you mention other guys and he has no response, not even a smidgeon of jealousy, it’s a dead giveaway that he’s no longer involved.

He Begins To Demand Time For Space

If you really mean something to your friend, being away from you is the last thing he wants to do. Men like keeping what they adore close to themselves. It’s pretty clear that you’ve been as annoying to your guy as ever when he gets up and begs for some kind of separation between you two. If you’re smart enough to decode it, a guy who wants “space” has stylishly broken up with you without your knowledge.

He Changes His Tone When Talking To You

This is a clear indication that he is no longer involved. Many men would talk to women they are interested with in a warmer, flirtatious manner than they will with others. His tone of voice changes as his emotions change, becoming less affectionate and more like his usual tone.
He can also be rude to you or say hurtful things to you. This is a strong indication that he is uninterested in you. You do not deserve to be in the company of someone who treats you badly or speaks to you in a cruel or unfriendly manner. You can end the discussion immediately if he begins making disparaging remarks about your appearance, what you do, or how you behave.

He Doesn’t Bother – You Always Call/Text First

It’s a big indication he’s involved if he still initiates messaging and calling with you.
And if you’re the one who still needs to text or call him first, it’s a sure indication he’s not.
The best way to tell if he’s interested is to equate his current behavior to his previous behavior.
Did he send you a lot of texts and phone calls in the past, then finally stop?
If this is the case, it’s a clear indication that he’s lost faith in you.

He Cuts The Time You Spend Together

He always dates you and spends time with you, but he’s still happy to call it a night.
A guy who is mad about you won’t want to go home early or schedule any activities that will only allow you to spend a short period of time together before he needs to go anywhere else.
And a man who is interested isn’t going to say no because he has to get up early in the morning when you invite him in after a fun dinner together.
There are still exceptions, as I said! You must trust your instincts. Sure, he does not want to come in one night if anything else feels right and he’s been working so hard and is tired.

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