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Hugh O’Leary Net worth – £2 million ($2 million)

Hugh O’Leary has an estimated net worth of £2 million ($2 million). Hugh O’Leary is a British accountant. He is best known to be the husband of Liz Truss who is the new UK Prime minister.

Liz Truss Prepping For Prime Minister Role

Liz Truss is anticipated to win the Tory leadership race on Monday with a resounding victory and take possession of No. 10.

If she does win, Hugh O’Leary, her husband of 22 years, and their two daughters will join her in Downing Street.

During her time on the political front lines, the current Foreign Secretary has kept a close lid on her personal life, with her husband remaining in the background.

But if she is elected as the next prime minister, her family will undoubtedly come into the spotlight. In this article, I will examine her husband and his brief career in politics.

How Liz Truss Met Her Husband

Following their meeting at the 1997 Tory Party conference, Ms. Truss and Hugh O’Leary went on a date. That is where Liz Truss met her husband.

In a previous interview, the Foreign Secretary discussed their first date and claimed, “I invited him ice skating and he sprained his ankle.

The accident didn’t deter him, though, and they were married three years after that before relocating to Greenwich in southeast London.

Hugh O’Leary Education

Mr. O’Leary is a chartered accountant who attended the London School of Economics to study econometrics and mathematical economics (LSE).

Hugh O’Leary Children

As a househusband to their two daughters, Frances and Liberty, he now works from home.

The revelation that Ms. Truss had an affair with former Tory MP Mark Field between 2004 and 2005 rocked the couple’s relationship in 2006.

After the story went public, Mr. O’Leary stood by her, and since then, neither of them has made any comments about the relationship.

O’Leary was questioned by The Daily Mail about the relationship, to which he replied, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

When asked about the affair in a 2019 interview with You Magazine, Truss replied, “I am really happily married.”

When Ms. Truss shared a rare photo of the two of them to celebrate Valentine’s Day in that same year, with the caption “love of my life,” she made her biggest public declaration about her husband.

It was one of the few occasions when she divulged any information about her husband.

Hugh O’Leary Career

Despite being an accountant by profession, Mr. O’Leary has made previous attempts to enter politics.

According to The Times, he attempted to run for local council in 2002 but was unsuccessful.

He still participates in party activities and frequently canvasses for the Tories in Greenwich despite the loss.

He was observed door-knocking this year and sent a message expressing sympathy to a councillor who had lost his seat.

But aside from that, Mr. O’Leary has remained quiet throughout the Tory leadership race and frequently leaves politics to his wife.

Will Mr. O’Leary stay in the background if Ms. Truss is elected prime minister?

Mr. O’Leary is likely to follow in the footsteps of Denis Thatcher, who remained in the background throughout Margaret’s ten-year presidency and served as her rock.

He was willing to keep a low profile and let his wife handle leading the nation.

Being “always present, never there,” Mr. Thatcher resisted speaking to the media with great reluctance.

Mr. O’Leary is likely to follow suit and quietly continue his accounting work in the background, just as he did when he referred to himself as the “most shadowy husband of all time.”

Mr. O’Leary is not anticipated to participate as actively as Philip May did in the Brexit deal negotiations that plagued the final months of his wife Theresa May’s premiership.

It is alleged that he assisted Mrs. May in persuading Brussels to seek a deal that might win over Tory Euroskeptics and the DUP.

But if Ms Truss does end up winning the Tory leadership race, only time will tell what kind of PM spouse he will prove to be.

Liz Truss As New UK Prime Minister

Mary Elizabeth Truss, the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs, has been appointed as the country’s new leader.

The South West Norfolk MP, who has served in the legislature since May 2010, succeeds Boris Johnson as the party’s fourth prime minister since the 2015 election.

Truss, 47, is the third woman to serve as prime minister of the UK, following Theresa Mary May and the “Iron Lady” Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

To accomplish the feat, she defeated Rishi Sunak, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer. (Results as announced by Sir Graham Stuart Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee and Returning Officer.

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